Scott Joplin
circa 1868-1917

Five biological facts of Scott Joplin
1. Born in Mid-January 1868.
2. Died on April 1, 1917.
3. He lived in Sedalia, Missouri for a couple of years but it had a special meaning to him because he taught young men how to play the piano there.
4. In 1901 he moved to the city St.Louis with his new wife Belle.
5. In 1916 Joplin was experiencing the devastating physical and mental effects of tertiary syphilis, a disease he had probably contracted almost two decades earlier. He died of this disease in a mental institution in New York.

Three accomplishments of Scott Joplin

1. In 1976 Scott Joplin was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his life's work. He was awarded this prize because of a movie called The Sting which featured Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The movie featured Joplin's pieces of work such as The Entertainer and Solace.
2. Scott Joplin wrote two operas that were named A Guest of Honor and Treemonisha. They both failed financially but Treemonisha is said to have failed because it was ahead of it's time. Treemonisha included stories about his mother and A Guest of Honor was about Booker T. Washington's visit to the White House.
3. Scott Joplin wrote the song Maple Leaf Rag which became a major success. Usually, white publishers took advantage of black musicians by giving them 20 bucks outright. But Scott Joplin was to receive 1 cent for each sale of the song. This eventually gave him $365 over the course of his life.

Scott Joplin's motivation and goal was to become recognized as a musician of serious music. By the time of his death he was almost forgotten. Interest in Ragtime was declining due to the new time Jazz.

Scott Joplin taught many other young pianists but the most prominent are Scott Hayden and Arthur Marshall. These two pianists became very good ragtime pianists during the Harlem Renaissance Era.

A few Songs of Scott Joplin - The Entertainer - Maple Leaf Rag - Eugenia - Pine Apple Rag

By: Grant Bates