Archibald Motley
Famous art:
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Painted in 1929 with oil and canvas

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Painted in 1943 with oil and canvas

mending socks
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Painted in 1924 with oil and canvas

Archibald Motley was born in new Orleans, lousiana. When he was a year old he moved to chicago and spent the rest of his life there. When he was in high school he worked a part time job at a barbor shop. A friend of his dads named Frank W. Gunsaulus who was the president of the Armour institute of technology wanted Motley to be a architect and offered him a four year scholarship at his institute. Motley accept and went for four years and graduated in1918.
Motley set up his studio in his parents house.In his studio is where he mostly worked on his art. But he still worked for a little bit, on a railroad with his father. While he was traveling across the country doing railroad work he drew a lot on paper.
Motley was influenced by Karl Buehr, an artist in portraiture and nudes. He was also influenced by Henry M. Walcott, an expert in composition. Motley did portraits and narrative paintings of the street, cafe life, and the jungle. His portraits were straight forward and simple recording or personal charactor.
The Mulattress, one of Motley's portraits won the Frank G. Logan medal ad prize at the Chicago art institute exhibition of 1925. His art "Syncopation" won the Joseph N. Eisenarath medal and prize at the same show. Motley won the John Simons Guggenheim award in 1929 too. He also received the gold medal in the first Harmon foundation exhibition in 1928.
Motley's art was exhibitated at the Harmon Foundation in 1929 and 1931, the Grand Central Galleries in 1931 and 1933, and in the Toledo Museum. His art was also represented in the collection at Howard University. When Motley went to Paris for winning the John Simons Guggenheim award his paintings were exhibited with the Swedish-American Society in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Munish.
Motley was the first black artist to recieve a fellowship, and that why he went to Paris for a year to study and paint. In his 90 years of living, Archibald was very accomplishing. He won many awards and stepped up for the world of black artists. He was part of the Harlem Renaissance because of his painting. He was alive in the years of discrimination and had a disadvantage because he was black but he had a great talent and patience.

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Won the Joseph N. Eisendrath medal and prize
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